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Wheat Free, who me?

My poor tummy is feeling better than it has in years. I have been off wheat for some weeks now and it is making a difference. I tried, at first,  a gluten free diet,  but my flatulence and stomach pains continued unaffected. My instinct told me that many years of excessive wheat ingestion was, at the least,  a contributory factor.  In the last sixty years I have rarely had a wheat free meal; my diet has been based on wheat,  whether bread, pastry,  cakes or biscuits. I have at times lived on cheese sandwiches, rare was the day when I had not eaten a sandwich. I love pasta and enjoy my pizzas. I like biscuits with my tea or, perhaps,  a pastry or cake.

When I was first diagnosed with Asperger’s, I read everything I could so that I could learn what it was, to understand what I am living with. During my reading I came across the advice, in Luke Jackson’s “Freaks, Geeks & Asperger’s Syndrome”, that a gluten free diet could address some of the side effects of Asperger’s. I was certain that I could not live without my bread, but more stupidly I refused to believe a child might known better than I. I rejected that advice,  I put my pleasure before my health,  I could not see how wheat could have any adverse effect,  I refused to believe wheat could be detrimental. I failed to appreciate that I was overloading my system,  any diet too heavily dependent on one ingredient is not a balanced diet and my diet was heavily unbalanced.

At last my health was being damaged; Gaviscon had become as integral to my diet as bread. I was tormented by heartburn and almost crippled by wind. I constantly expelled wind, often noisily,  from one end or the other,  often both. I knew something had to be done,  I knew I had to act or seek medical help. I instinctively felt I should,  as a first step,  go gluten free.  As I have said that did not have the desired effect and so I gave up wheat. I am not suffering from wind nor heartburn, I thought to reintroduce wheat.  To me a couple of rounds of sandwiches occurred as a little wheat,  compared with my former intake it was, but it was still too much. I spent the next day burping. I miss my wheat, but I do not miss the pain. I hope, in time,  to gradually reintroduce wheat. I have learnt to seriously consider the advice and experience of others; it is possible that I do not always know best, but I do know that I am the only one who can choose for me and I choose to be well.


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