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This year is the Fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who, I have watched it since the first episode, not in an obsessive, geeky sort of way, but from the beginning. This is also the fiftieth anniversary of The March on Washington.  Next year will be the hundredth anniversary of the Great War. All of these events have been,  or will be, marked by newspaper articles, documentaries and other special events. Last year was my old school’s five hundredth anniversary. It was less publicised than some anniversaries, but to those to whom it mattered it was no less important.

It is strange, but inevitable that people want to mark significant events.  The events they choose to mark differ and, I dare say, their choices are indicative of their interests. The point is that every day of the year is the anniversary of an event, some more significant than others and not all significant to everyone.

People need to commemorate the past because it affords some degree of  reality to their present. Subconsciously they know that their future is unpredictable, but extrapolating from the past gives a comforting illusion of solidity to an amorphous future. However the past that people remember exists only in people’s minds,  and new information discovered today can completely transform all their pasts. Funnily, their need for certainty in the future is so strong they will accommodate their changed past as if it were always so. What’s more were it not as they need it to be, people will remember the past that suits the future they expect.

Whatever today may mean for you,  Happy Anniversary!


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Can you give an example for “Funnily, their need for certainty in the future is so strong they will accommodate their changed past as if it were always so.”

Thank you

Comment by Siva

People believe in a past, when the events of the past are found to be other than as they remember them, people make accommodations. For example someone who grows up belt inf their father left them

Comment by springingtiger

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