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Critically Aspergic

I know what I like,  and what I like the critics frequently do not. I have the utmost respect for the opinions of people like Mark Kermode and Christopher Tookey, but they are just opinions, perhaps informed opinions,  but opinions none the less. I don’t know how far an objective evaluation of what is good in art is possible. To some extent both music and the visual arts are subject to mathematical rules and mathematics may be considered objective, but beauty lies in more than proportion. No two people’s tastes may be the same some like decoration, others find beauty in minimalism, some only see beauty in utility.

It occurs to me that many films that escape critical acclaim that are eminently watchable. The other day Neelam and I were watching The Wedding Date again,  it is a favourite, but passed through the cinemas making little impact. Another favourite, Kate and Leopold, is another film unremarked by the critics.

Talking of impact, many of the films I enjoy are full of impact,  impacts,  explosions, improbable stunts; many are also full of predictable plot lines, continuity errors and cliched dialogue. I don’t know whether it’s something to do with my Asperger’s,  but I don’t like sudden shocks, I like the predictable, I like happy films. I tend to like to watch the same films repeatedly,  the DVDs I buy are usually of films I have already seen. What I have enjoyed I can, and do, watch over and over. What I have disliked I will not watch and what I dislike most is sick violence, I find humans difficult enough to understand without trying to accommodate cruelty; it disturbs me that people can even enjoy those films.

I don’t think I am so unusual in my tastes, many of my favourites are almost universally enjoyed like Singing In The Rain, Calamity Jane,  and The Princess Bride. I enjoy films whose formula I understand like most martial arts films which are based on underlying rules. I like John Wayne and Randolph Scott,  I like musicals and I like Indian films. The best films may not please the critics,  they just have to please me which is why Main Hoon Na is still my favourite film.


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