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Rhymes with Night


It was a strange sort of insomnia, I woke, , asI often do, three hours early and listened to the voices in my head.   However, unusually all my thoughts had rhyme and metre, some came in dance rhythms, I suppose I can blame Strictly Come Dancing for that departure from the norm. Had I been able to remember it all I would have had a poem of homeric length,  although perhaps not of homeric quality. I was too tired to take up my notebook and pen, so my epic is lost; perhaps it is as well as well as I suspect it may have been McGonagalian.

Listening to the characters in my dream, , wondered whether it would be possible to speak always in rhyme and metre. Shakespeare wrote his plays in verse so it may well be possible to converse, if not always in rhyme, at least in time.  NaPoWriMo represented a challenge and that was just one poem each day; how much more of a challenge to speak spontaneously in verse? How tempting,  how annoying!

I quite enjoy a challenge, as regular readers know. I managed to complete NaPoWriMo and a daily autism blog in Autism Awareness Month. As I am blogging every day of the year,  this year, I daresay I will be able to claim I have completed NaBloPoMo at the end of the month. There is a pleasure in accomplishment,  however ridiculous the challenge,  but I think speaking in verse may be a ridiculous challenge too far…  Hmmm, I wonder…


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