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Unscheduled Sleep


I was working last night,  today I am on holiday. I went straight from my work, this morning,  to the airport. When we arrived at our hotel it was too early to check in,  so we went for lunch to a very good little Turkish cafe, about which I expect I will write at some point. It was after two pm when we got into our room by which time, thanks to yesterday’s insomnia I had been awake for over twenty four hours, I was tired. I slept.

I planned to awaken after a few hours,  refreshed,  to watch it takes two and write my blog. It is now eight hours later, I was really tired. I am only awake now because tomorrow’s NLP Conference was playing in my mind, in Richard Bandler’s voice, very strange.

Anyway the voice reminded me that Michael Hall is opening the Conference. As I have told you before,  it was Michael who gave me the advice to write every day. He told me he writes every day for at least half an hour, even when travelling. As that memory passed through my mind, I awoke and thus I, once again, meet my deadline.

The unconscious mind is an amazing thing. Even though my conscious had forgotten my comment to blog every day this year,  my unconscious mind was, even in sleep,  aware of my intention and did what it had to. I am looking forward to this conference,  my unconscious mind is already enjoying it.

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