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Now Is The Time To Say Goodbye

So once again I find myself in a restaurant looking back on a day of the NLP Conference, sadly the last day of the conference. I have enjoyed many NLP Conferences and this year’s has been one of the enjoyable ones.

I went to the breakfast session which didn’t do all I had hoped, later Art Giser’s Emotional Freedom session made up for it. It was an Energetic NLP presentation which drew on insights from Leslie Cameron Bandler LeBeau’s “Emotional Hostage”. I suspect if I describe any more presenters as “entertaining” readers will suspect my reason for coming to the NLP Conference is to be entertained,  they would be correct. Art was, as always, both entertaining and informative and I learned useful techniques to use at home. The emphasis was on clearing other people’s energy so that we can live our own lives, the processes, or visualisations if you prefer,  were very powerful and I felt good afterwards. One particularly useful thing Art shared,  was Leslie Cameron Bandler LeBeau’s advice that many emotional states can be changed simply by changing or ridding oneself of one’s modal operators.

In the afternoon there were several presentations that appealed to me. I chose to go to Joe Cheal’s presentation on Neuro-scaping and Embodied Modelling. I find Joe’s sessions a blend of education and stand  up comedy. I laughed a lot,  but there was plenty of serious and thought provoking content. I enjoy, and share, Joe’s delight in language and today he played like a child in a meadow of prepositions. I think we all had fun,  I know I did.

I have enjoyed this year’s conference. It has been good to meet up with old friends. The quality of most of the presentations I attended was high. It was well organised and appeared to run smoothly, in the couple of cases where the original speakers could not attend,  replacements were found. The breaks went smoothly with multiple serving stations. Anglo American Books shop was as good as ever with a varied stock and helpful staff. It was a good conference and now it is over,  but I shall remember it for sometime at least until I have finished processing John McWhirter’s presentation.


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