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Second NLP Day


I could not resist, this morning, going to hear Frank Pucelik being interviewed by Wyatt Woodsmall, a dedicated crusher of clay feet, on the Origins of NLP. It was good to have myths debunked,  credit given where it was due, and to see how the origin of NLP was team generated. Frank has a wealth of anecdotes about the early days, some of them hilarious,  or is that his delivery? After the break Frank gave us an interactive demonstration (nominalisation, tut!) of modelling leading to an elegant intervention.
I decided, rather than go to a lunch time session, I would go to my room and rest, I needed all my strength for the afternoon session.
In the afternoon I chose to go to John McWhirter’s presentation on Creative Modelling. Had I only been to this one session,  the conference would have been worth what I paid. John had an incredible amount of very detailed content that he covered in considerable depth. I was particularly fascinated by his fractal modelling which modelled in intricate detail but could also move out to a broader generalisation. John’s modelling tools extend further than conventional NLP tools and operate at several levels. It is going to take me some time just to unpack the sheer volume of content,  but I think I am going to find it useful.

In the evening there was a drinks reception which provided an opportunity for people to get books signed by the authors,  or just to chat. It was really good to catch up with both Art Giser and L. Michael Hall.

The last session to which I went was led by Joe and Melody Cheal on presentations. It was only a short session,  a taster. Although it was a short session and I have presented since the Nineteen Sixties I still learnt something.

Now,  the day over,  I have joined the other people here who have been trained in Thought Pattern Management for dinner. The restaurant is far too noisy, but it has been a nice meal and a good end to the day.


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