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November 21, 2013, 09:42
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Part of the purpose of attendiing NLP Conference, and one of its greatest pleasures,  is  meeting old friends. So important is the opportunity for meeting friends that Michael Hall said to me that it should be part of the marketing. Of course as well as meeting old friends,  conference provides an opportunity to meet new people and share ideas, perhaps to start new business partnerships. For me personally, one of the high spots of any NLP conference is when Neelam and I get together with our friend Jill for a final coffee and chat at the very end; we’ve done it so many times we consider it a tradition.

By extending our trip beyond the conference,  Neelam and I have also managed to arrange to meet up with friends and family. The time since we last met up with Conrad may be counted in decades rather than years. Some time ago we reconnected on Facebook and, on the Tuesday after conference,  we finally met up again. Strangely the intervening years were as if they had not been, apart from us all being a little greyer and heavier. For me people tend to be out of mind when out of sight, but this may not be a good thing. Conrad is right when he says that perhaps we shouldn’t leave it for thirty something years next time.

Apart from friends we have also been catching up with family. My cousin Barry is the nearest thing I have to a big brother and so when we are in the South East we like to go to see him and Helena, his wife. We spent a very enjoyable Wednesday afternoon with them, wherever they have lived has always felt like home to us. Today as always we were made to feel at home and spent several happy companionable hours with them.

Our trip is being rounded off with a couple of days spent with Neelam’s sister Neeta and her family. It is a few years since we last stayed with them, so this visit feels overdue. One of the most enjoyable things about our visits to Neeta and Ajay over the years has been watching our nephews grow from mischievous wee boys into fine young men, both intelligent and polite.

Many years ago, when my grandmother died, the family was gathered together, informally, in my mother’s sitting room, my aunt Barbara remarked, “This is fun, it’s a pity there’s one fewer of us each time we get together like this” (or words to that effect!). My aunt died last year, I’m not sure she was correct as new members keep being born into the family. What I do know is, that as I grow older, people do pass out of my life, some of whom have been dear to me. I do not know what my future holds so today I will treasure the people I still have in my life, they are too precious to allow to slip away, however natural it is for me to let them.


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