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Gallifrey Falls No More!

I have been traveling in time back to dark winter’s nights when I was ten years old. After tea on a Saturday all the boys of Caterall Hall would gather in front of the television to watch Doctor Who. On that television we watched the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill with Richard Burton’s voice over; the birth of Top Of The Pops, but the event that has accompanied me through the years was the advent of Doctor Who. Communal television viewing was very much a feature of my schooldays; we watched little television, but some programs stand out as communal events like The Champions and Adam West’s Batman watched and enjoyed in Shute Common Room. As a student, Doctor Who was one of very few programs powerful enough to draw me to the Glasgow University Union television room, otherwise I was quite content without a television of my own. I suppose many people identified with the Companions, but for the aliens among us it was with the Doctor; Doctor Who was one of the things we had in common with our human school mates.

I have been on Twitter perusing the various Doctor Who Fiftieth Anniversary hash tags.  It would seem that watching Doctor Who is still very much a communal activity; we may watch separately,  but we still share our pleasure and excitement. Of course, for many,  yesterday’s screening of the Day Of The Doctor was literally a communal event with thousands flocking to cinemas to watch in 3D. We stayed at home to enjoy the program and its accompanying coverage. I have had a wonderful weekend; from “An Adventure In Space And Time” through to “Day Of The Doctor”, it has been sheer joy.  I loved “An Adventure In Space And Time” because the First Doctor is my Doctor.

I am one of those who has reservations about Stephen Moffat so I looked forward to “Day Of The Doctor” with a degree of foreboding. I have now forgiven Moffat his past transgressions, I need not have worried,  I loved “Day Of The Doctor”. This program has opened up so many new possibilities for the program. I look forward, or is it back,  to the future of the Doctor and Who knows what other Time Lords.

I don’t know how many also caught Georgia Tennant and Peter Davidson’s little gem, “The Five ish Doctors” with Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davidson, Paul McGann, David Tennant and a host of well known faces, but I loved it.


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