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Dear William Stillman

Dear Mr. Stillman,
when we were on holiday my wife bought a copy of “The Autism Prophecies” which I have now begun to read. Today, in my bath, I read chapter two (The Art of Healing) which really resonated with me. I have been performing healings since I was a teenager and even now, despite being a Reiki master, my wife still has to remind me not to use my own energy; unfortunately I frequently cannot help myself as the drain can catch me unawares. I am finding Art Giser’s Energetic NLP techniques helpful at undoing some of the damage. I was interested in your remarks and anecdotes about sensitivity,  my wife frequently asks me to scan her and tell her what is wrong. The anecdotes about pregnancy also resonated with me; we were once at a funeral when I said to my wife,  “****** is pregnant.” a couple of weeks later it was announced.

I must admit I had never thought of myself as an empath largely because I find it difficult to make sense of emotions. However as my wife remarked, “An empath feels the emotions of others, they don’t necessarily understand them” (or words to that effect). I cannot associate with your narrative “My Gift of Healing” because I cannot logically grasp how anyone can, “feel upset for someone else”; I firmly believe our feelings are our own and, even when we feel what another feels, we do not feel for them, they still feel for themselves.

Like your subjects I do tend to be over sensitive to external stimuli and frequently need to withdraw into silence. I, like you,  do on reflection, consider my autism (Asperger’s syndrome) to be a gift.  I certainly would not want to be cured of it; yes I would like sometimes to be able to turn down my sensitivity, but on others I would like to connect more with my body; if sometimes I wish I were not as I am, and it does happen,  I as soon realise that I actually like me, I find my strange life a source of fascination. I actually consider it grossly insulting that anyone should presume to want to cure autism, it’s a declaration that there’s something wrong with us and who has the right to call us defective? That is the attitude that fuelled the ovens of Hitler’s Concentration Camps. I am enjoying “The Autism Prophecies” because it is so affirmative, not only do we belong in the world,  but we are needed,  thank you so much.


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