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Do you ever wonder what it is that links the television programmes and films you enjoy?  I do sometimes,  and it is not easy to find the common ground. My taste takes in the emotional roller coaster of “In The Night Garden” as well as the barrel of laughs that is “Ripper Street”.

“Ripper Street” is a detective program, I do enjoy crime dramas, perhaps because they exercise,  “the little grey cells”. Some I enjoy because the characters resonate with me “Sherlock Holmes”, “Rizzoli And Isles” and “Bones” are on that list. I enjoy puzzles, and crime dramas combine both story and puzzle; part of the pleasure of  crime drama,  like detective novels,  is using the clues to solve the crime. Having said that I must admit I always enjoyed “Colombo”; although the audience knew the solution from the start, the entertainment lay in watching Colombo, played by Peter Falk, outwitting the, always ,over confident  murderer. I expect my enjoyment of “House” is similar, although I know little about medicine, I enjoy watching the process hypothesising and testing to solve a problem.

I have always enjoyed documentaries,  particularly travel programs and best of all, railway journeys. Of railway journeys, I think I like those on the Indian railways best because they reminder me of visiting the  Railway Museum in Delhi with my Father in law and his brother. So far the only train journey I have taken in India was from the Punjab to Delhi, I hope to take more. Before then I have my first adventure on the Eurostar scheduled for next year. I am also fascinated by history and any program that combines both travel and history is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

I do like to laugh. Having had a go at stand up comedy, I love to watch the experts in action. I never tire of George Carlin, the greatest stand up of all,  but I also enjoy Eddie Izzard, Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, the great Frankie Howerd, indeed far too many to list here. I have always enjoyed stand up, even as a child, I used to enjoy “The Comedians” and, while I may not always like his content, I am not ashamed to admire the artistry of Bernard Manning.  As well as stand up, I love situation comedy my favourites at the moment are “The Big Bang Theory” and “Mrs. Brown’s Boys”, but there have been so many over the years. I was brought up on Tony Hancock and on “Steptoe And Son” so I think I have fairly high standards. I was also brought up on the classic sketch shows like “Morecombe and Wise”, Arthur Haynes, and “The Two Ronnies”.

I had thought to dash this piece off quickly,  but I have found myself lingering,  immersed in so many memories of amazing television from “Andy Pandy”, Noggin the Nog”, and “Sooty” with Harry Corbett, through “Dad’s Army”, “Spitting Image”, “Goodness Gracious Me” and “Yes Minister” through to the present day. Were I to list all the programs I have loved the list would go on for pages,  I wonder which programs you would choose as your favourites.


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When I lived in England, the Two Ronnies made me laugh and laugh.

Comment by Robert Frost

They don’t come much funnier, “Four Candles” was voted, by viewers, the funniest sketch of all time.

Comment by springingtiger

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