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December 1, 2013, 22:37
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I find that many people who live in cities, when asked, “Where do you live? ” tend to reply not with the name of the city (London, Liverpool, Manchester), but with an area like Primrose Hill, Huyton or Moss Side. Glasgow is different; ask a Glaswegian where they live and they reply,  “Glasgow””, it takes further questions to elicit the area, except for the people of Bearsden who can’t bear to be thought of as Glaswegians.

Our cities are conglomerations of neighbouring villages that have been joined together by the process of urbanisation, Glasgow no less than other cities. However the difference is, I believe,  that while Glasgow is a city in name and facilities, it is a village in attitude.  Glaswegians may have hereditary attachments to their boroughs,  but they identify with the city; people from Maryhill are closer to people from the Drum than, say,  to Stirling and not only geographically. They share the same challenges and the same attitudes and the front they present to the world is that of Glaswegians.

Living in Glasgow is a bit like living in a village. Not long after I came to Glasgow in the Nineteen Seventies I wanted to go to a GasWorks gig in the City Halls. I asked directions at Charing Cross,  the man I asked asked me, “Do you know George Square? ”  When I said, “No”, he turned round and walked me the Candleriggs before turning round and resuming his journey. To me that is the essence of Glasgow, people help each other, people share; I came from a village in the mountains, but I have always felt at home in Glasgow. I enjoy living in Glasgow it’s a like a big village, but with much more entertainment. I don’t see me anywhere else this side of heaven.


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