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Today I At Home
December 5, 2013, 00:18
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Some days I can think of nothing better than being at home. Today I have been at home, a good day, a family day,  a happy day.

It was an early start for me.  My cold had had me sleep for so much of the previous day that I was awake at four in the morning, and in my bath shortly thereafter. I took some time to decide whether to return to bed or do something useful. In the end I decided to do something useful. My porch is finally clean and, at last, I have replaced the curtain that keeps the winter beyond my front door.

As Neelam was late to bed so, as she was still in bed, I crawled back in, while I waited for the plugs in my drill holes to harden. It was a couple of hours before I woke again, there are few indulgences as satisfying as an afternoon nap.

My afternoon was rounded off nicely when my daughter and her children turned up. There is no greater validation of the value of the licence fee than the joy of watching a four year old interacting with Cbeebies; I can’t think of another channel that so inspires her. I always know when she has been waiting, at our house, for her sister to finish school because the television has been tuned to Cbeebies.

We ran our daughter and grandchildren home and then we cooked dinner together. It is nice to share food,  but better still when the sharing starts in the kitchen. It has been a good day,  but now I am tired enough to sleep again, but not before I have taken another look at ny new door curtain.


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