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The Best Gadget Ever


I have owned many gadgets over the years, they litter my kitchen cupboard and my attic. Several of them have been useful; the Swivel Sweeper, Tobi Steamer and Magic Bullet are all television purchases I don’t regret. My favourite gadget at the moment is probably my Google Nexus 7, but what, I wonder is my favourite gadget,  the one in my life of which I think most fondly and why?

On reflection my favourite gadget is neither the most sophisticated,  versatile, nor most expensive watchamathingy I’ve ever possessed, but it hold happy memories. Many years ago, when I was at school my grandmother bought me a pocket sized Hitachi transistor radio. Back in the mid sixties it was cutting edge although it was only mono. She always sailed back from India via the Suez Canal and used to stop off in Aden to buy presents, and it was a good place to buy things from the east. I loved that little radio; it had great reception and I could carry it with me everywhere. Back then radios were not generally small. Our radio at home plugged into the mains, took time to warm up and illuminated the room. I remember the dial allowed me to tune into radio stations like the Home Service and the Light Programme or more exotic  stations such as Athlone, Hilversum and Luxembourg. Ah, Radio Luxembourg! It was just what my little transistor radio needed, I spent many happy hours after “lights out” in the dormitory listening to Jimmy Saville’s “Under The Bedclothes Club” and later Kid Jensen. It was on that little transistor I first listened to Radio Caroline, later it heard the dawn of Radio One, I think it eventually died not long after the birth of Radio Clyde. It did its job well for years and I loved it.

I think that my little radio captures what I look for in a gadget. It was easy to use, just two dials. It did its job well, I have been disappointed by many gadgets that promised much, but delivered little. I loved that I could have music everywhere, I later loved the Walkman and have been using a Classic iPod (5G) since before they gave it the name “Classic” and now I have my Nexus 7. However nothing will displace that little Hitachi in my affections, While nothing can beat simplicity and functionality, I do enjoy miniaturisation snd multi-functionality as well. I have several multi tools, including one with a pair of secateurs in it.The Swiss Army Knife is a classic and I  like their Card. One of my favourite gadgets, and one I always carry with me is a credit card sized piece of steel that has within its design a can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, wrench,  knife and saw blades, so small, so simple and so very useful. 

I have learned over the years that the best gadgets aren’t necessarily the expensive ones, or even the most technically advanced. The best gadgets are the ones I use and are ready to use when I need them.


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