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Winter Thoughts and MPs’ Pay


It is the second week of December and winter is truly upon us. Sunrise fails to relieve the all embracing gloom, indeed the sun remains concealed, day after day, behind heavy, grey, weeping clouds. Opening the curtains in the morning succeeds only to allow the external misery to infect the atmosphere within; it is as if the greyness sucks the light and life from the room.

Outside the garden is unwelcoming, the grass too wet to walk on, the patio puddled, the soil alternating between waterlogged and frozen, I am grateful not to be a plant. There is damage to repair after the recent winds, there will be more, and the will is not there. Worse, each repair necessitates some damage if one approaches across the grass. Perhaps it is best to remain in the warmth and hope, however forlornly for the best.

My mood is not improved by the ridiculously early onset of the holiday season with its artificial imposition of bonhomie. The leeches who run our power companies must be rubbing their hands in glee as people futilely endeavor to dispel their misery by but burning electricity in vulgar displays of execrable taste. (My predictive text replaced “taste” with “tat”, perhaps I should have left it!) I suppose the jingling of the tills brings some good cheer, after all we need the extra taxes to pay for the Westminster MPs’ pay rise. Scottish taxes squandered on paying for a  government we neither elected nor want; it is small wonder Alastair Darling and the No campaign don’t want us to vote Yes to independence, it would derail their heavy train. My beloved BBC isn’t helping with its slavish adherence to the Conservative Party propaganda line that the independence debate is between the Unionists and the SNP; the majority of we who support a Yes vote do not support the SNP, come independence the future of Scotland will be democratically determined by the people of Scotland. In the meantime while the expenses grubbing, overpaid, incompetent MPs in Westminster greedily look forward to their massive inflation busting pay rises, the poor of Scotland look forward to a Christmas of food parcels, our pensioners will have to visit Oxfam to buy the extra sweater David Cameron says they should wear instead of heading their homes, and our public service workers will work over the festive season struggling to make ends meet on their pay, cut in real terms, by those same MPs whose over indulgence their faces support. If our Trades Union leaders had any steel they would demand pay rises equivalent to the MPs’ and be prepared to bring the country to a halt until they were awarded. As for us, in Scotland, we can cast Westminster and its drain on our resources aside and determine for ourselves what our leaders are worth.

Damn  but I feel good after that. It’s funny, try as I might, I seem unable to be depressed. I feel the symptoms start, then some unconscious strategy kicks in and I am lifted up. Perhaps it is the euphoria of our imminent freedom, perhaps it is just me, but once we get past Christmas I am looking forward to the new year. Oh YES!


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