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I watched the BBC documentary “Balmoral” and  it occurred to me how much more in touch with ordinary people are the Royal Family than the politicians in Westminster. The No campaign, rather stupidly, recently suggested that an independent Scotland might not be allowed to keep the Queen. What the No folk forget is that the Union of the Crowns is not dependent upon the will of the Westminster Parliament. The Union of the Crowns long precedes the perfidious union of parliaments and depends only on the will of the people and of the monarch.

Since Victoria the Royal Family have assiduously courted the Scottish people. Whereas Westminster has quite obviously only seen Scotland as a source of revenue and cannon fodder,  the Royal Family appear to have a genuine affection for and loyalty to Scotland. I believe that they have ensured, deliberately,  that the Union of Crowns will survive regardless of the greed and stupidity of Westminster’s politicians. As long as the English keep imposing Tory governments upon a Scottish people, who reject everything for which the Tories stand, I think independence is inevitable one way or another; I do not see the Queen letting Scotland slip from her grasp.

It is ironic that the sense of Scottish identity that underpins the campaign for Independence has been fostered and encouraged by the Royal Family, from Victoria until today, contrary to the opinions of Westminster’s politicians. Were I cynical, I might even believe they have deliberately sought to preserve a power base independent of Parliament. Either way it affords little joy to a republican like myself. The Royal Family have successfully nurtured a mutual affection, respect and loyalty with the people of Scotland which the English dominated Westminster Parliament has manifestly failed to do. Scotland will, unfortunately in my opinion, have a monarch long after she she has won her freedom.


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