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Spontaneous Energetic Healing

I had, yesterday, what was, to me at least,  an interesting experience. I awoke several hours earlier than planned and as I lay awake, waiting for sleep to return, I decided to use one of the exercises from Art Giser’s Energetic NLP. Art has an exercise to clear unwanted energy, other people’s energy,  from one’s own energy field using a visualisation of giant magnets pulling out the energy, I always see them as big horseshoe magnets. Yesterday, before I could  begin the visualisation, a bar magnet spontaneously appeared in front of my face; the magnet’s positive pole was towards me and, without any prompting on my part,  started to draw my negative thoughts out through my forehead (the Ajna chakra, for those who are interested in such things), negative thoughts often contribute to insomnia so this was, although unexpected,  very welcome.

The bar magnet having done its job, I was about to begin my exercise when a second bar magnet appeared, this time in front of my chest. Again the positive pole was towards me and this magnet drew out, from my heart, the negative beliefs I was holding about myself, quite literally the negative programming I had “taken to heart”. Although I felt it in my heart (for those who are interested, I had the impression that it was from the Hrit rather than the Anahata chakra) it seemed to ease the congestion in my lungs. I immediately felt more relaxed.

I at last started my visualisation,  but my surprises had not yet finished; as I was doing my visualisation, I realised my Access Consciousness Bars were running themselves. Interestingly they were not following the prescribed sequence, but were following their own logic, periodically returning to points previously activated as though adjusting and fine tuning the energetic system. I was beginning to really feel the benefits and was quite excited by the whole process when the phone rang and broke the state. I was not pleased, however I am left with much to think about and it certainly made me feel much better. I suspect I shall in the near future try to actively run the amended process to ascertain whether it can be consciously and deliberately generated, and whether it is as beneficial as it was yesterday.


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