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Dead Faces

Another day,  another missing girl’s face on the television.  Sometimes it feels as though hardly a day passes without the news telling us of another young girl murdered or, even sadder, some infant starved or beaten to death by their parents. Child abuse seems to be a staple of the news, with well loved faces from my childhood being filmed entering police stations or courts to answer charges. We seem to have lost whatever goodness our society had left.

The other dead faces on the news that sicken me are the smug faces of our politicians,  devoid of all compassion. We see the Chancellor, his chubby face fed on expenses at our expense, happily taking benefits from the poor and the disabled snd a pay rise from our taxes. The Prime Minister, who as a student considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist who should have been hanged, tastelessly taking giggling selfies at Mandela’s funeral. We saw the unedifying sight of the Conservatives in the House of Commons braying at the Shadow Chancellor during the debate on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement. I find something quite revolting in the gloating faces of millionaire Tories celebrating further attacks on the living conditions of the poor while they receive obscene pay rises. I expect these same Tories will find it amusing over the winter as pensioners freeze, they probably see each death as a saving on the pensions and benefits budgets.

Every year at the end of December the news shows the famous faces who have died during the year. We notice the famous who have died while millions of ordinary people die unnoticed except by those close to them. Some deaths like that of Nelson Mandela’s have been met with sadness by millions of people, but perhaps not by sniggering politicians who saw it as an opportunity for a selfie. It occurs to me that they have a cheek to rebuke the millions who celebrated Margaret Thatcher’s death earlier this year, our actions were consistent with our words unlike Cameron who spoke respect while showing contempt. As the dead faces pass across the screen my biggest regret will not be the politicians who have died,  but those who haven’t


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