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The Stone Around My Neck
December 17, 2013, 09:36
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Today a blog and, as a bonus, an unedited, as yet, fragment of verse.

Recently my granddaughter asked me, “Do you still have that stone around your neck?” That stone is my Shivling and I did still have it, although these days I wear it largely out of habit, its purpose served, like the long hair and beard I used to wear. There are those who wear a Shivling who perform all sorts of rituals with it, but for me it serves merely as a reminder of the presence of Siva, God in me. The Shivling is installed in the temple, the place where one worships God, carrying the Shivling makes of the body,  a temple; not in some new age vegetarian way, but literally as the place where one performs one’s worship. Swami Vivekananda asked, “Where can we go to find God if we cannot see him in our own hearts and in every living being? ” The Shivling asks the same question.


The Shivling is a stone around my neck,  it is not a millstone nor a burden, but it is a responsibility. It demands of the wearer certain standards of integrity; however that does not imply socially acceptable behaviour, acting like a plaster Saint, but rather being true to oneself in relationship with God. My wife has put a little card in our mandir cupboard that says, “Do nothing which you cannot offer to God” The Shivling says the same, in all I do Siva is present, I must ensure he is firstly in my thought because action follows thought. When the mind is fixed in God one can do nothing which one cannot offer to God. An action without awareness is not an action, but an involuntary twitch. Deliberate actions require thought and the action reflects the quality of the thought.


I’ll nod at God
As I go down the stair,
Exchange a word,
A “Good morning Lord”.
Although he’s everywhere
I’m not one for prayer;
I call down a pox
On the orthodox
With their fear of hell
And worthless ritual.
I would rather be aware
That the One is everywhere,
In both me and you
And in all things, its true.
Who needs to chant and moan?
Who needs temples of stone?
For all this I do not care,
I look in my heart and God is there.


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