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A Good Start
December 18, 2013, 23:45
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In Ripper Street a few weeks ago the character of Aidan Galvin, a bomber from the Irish Republican Brotherhood,  remarks, “What do you call one dead English man ? A good start! “. There can never be an excuse for political violence,  however frustration at political repression and being deprived of control over one’s own destiny often leads to violence. Every nation should have the right to determine their own destiny. Next year there will be an apparently democratic vote to determine the future of Scotland, however one is inclined sometimes to question the process of democracy.

The No campaign is being backed by millions of pounds worth of publicity provided by the print and broadcast media. I don’t suppose these expenses will be taken into account, but like anything to do with the Westminster Parliament they leave a bad taste in the mouths of decent people. I have watched the BBC’S coverage of Scottish Questions on the Parliament Channel, it consisted largely of unionists praising the Union. There were very few replies from the Scottish Secretary that didn’t specifically, however inaccurate his figures, praise the Union. As well as  the BBC supporting the Tory government’s position on Independence, the newspapers have been vociferous in  their opposition to independence, any evidence supporting independence totally ignored. It would be tragic if Scottish freedom were lost because of the domination of the media by the businesses that want to continue to exploit Scottish resources.

It could be worse than tragic if the legitimate aspirations of the Scottish people continue to be frustrated by the dishonesty and wealth of those who oppose it. I come from an Irish family, an Ulster family and can’t help but be aware of the human cost of an unequal struggle between the forces of nationalism and repression. If the balance of the  referendum campaign is allowed to remain inequitable there may be those who decide, god forbid, to make a good start.


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