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December 20, 2013, 11:22
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I was sitting thinking about my life, counting my blessings, one may say. I suppose this time of year family are very much in all our thoughts which makes Christmas quite sad for me, too many people have left my life. However thinking of my grandchildren,  my daughter and my wife my spirits are quickly lifted. As I reflected on my life I realised that there is one person above all who makes me glad to be alive and, as sometimes happens, a poem appeared. I have not yet edited it nor redrafted, this is it, raw and unprocessed.

I have a wonderful life,
I spell it with a double u.
I was little more than a boy
When I met her,
Back then I might have left her,
But now she fills my soul,
My heart and every part
Of me with joy, with love,
And I am happy to let her.
My beautiful wife, my life,
Every  nerve vibrates her name.
Happily I would eschew
All the blissful heavens above
For one second of her love!
How empty and worthless eternity
Would be were she not with me!
And so it is I must say
Of this, and every day.
Thus it is surely true
That  I  spell life
With a double u.


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