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Upgrade Downer
December 21, 2013, 22:48
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The problem with mobile phone contracts is that the cutting edge smartphone with which one started the contract, is a frustrating antique by the end. However once eighteen months or two years have passed, comes the blissful day when, at last one may upgrade. I have at last reached that blissful day and have, in my hand, a beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S4.

When I moved from Nokia to the Galaxy S2, I had to spend some considerable time setting up the phone to suit me. However moving5 from one Android phone to another was almost effortless; logging in with my Google account allowed me to move my photos, contacts and most of my apps straight to my new phone. I say, “most of my apps” because there were some notable exceptions like Facebook, Snapseed and Drive. On the whole the process was easy.

What really annoys me about Samsung is that they take much of the joy out of getting a new phone by trying to dictate to their customers. Samsung insist on cluttering their good phones with useless apps. One does not have to choose to use the apps provided, but one cannot choose to replace them. Because Samsung makes no provision for the uninstallation of its garbage, one finds one’s phone’s storage, for which one has paid dearly, in effect stolen. One of my reasons for using Linux, rather than Microsoft, on my laptop is that I prefer to use only the applications I need and choose; I resent having other people imposing inappropriate choices on me. I would not mind Samsung putting apps on their handsets if I could remove those I dont want, as it is, I am inclined to make this my last Samsung. I had considered as a possible choice this time a Google Nexus 5, but my network EE don’t carry it, so in two years I shall probably be looking both for a different handset manufacturer and network. It is a shame because Samsung makes great phones, then spoils them with bloatware; I have been happy with EE, but if I cannot find the phone I want I may be compelled to change. Ideally by the end of this contract Samsung will have bucked up their ideas and I will be able to continue to use their handsets on a network I like.


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