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The First Day of Christmas
December 25, 2013, 13:08
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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

To people of faith, any faith, their true love, before even their families, is the manifestation of God they worship. I think the first gift of a loving God must be love and at Christmas, for the fortunate among us, that love tends to be manifest in family. There is something magical about the generations gathering around the table to celebrate Christmas, it is also a celebration of oneness and sharing.

So for me the first day of Christmas is very much about One. Unity, not just in the sense of joining together and sharing, but in the literal awareness that there is only the One. Even the most dualistic religions tend to recognise that there is a single God behind all things, they may worship saints, devas or spirits, but behind all that lies a creative force upon which all else rests. I always find it strange that all religions believe in one God, but seem unable to see he is the same God and that they are merely approaching him in different ways.

One, suggests being at one with oneself. In est we used the term integrity to suggest having one’s words and actions in alignment; it is what in NLP is called congruence, but true integrity has one’s thoughts be congruent with words and deeds. We must be true to ourselves while accepting that others’ integrity is peculiar to them and respecting them for who they are. Being different is not a sin, but many are made to feel outsiders because they look or behave differently. If you have the right to be true to yourself, so do others have the right not to be forced to conform to your standard of what is right. One may also express the isolation many autistic people feel surrounded by a society that frequently is confusing and unfriendly. A person with autism may not behave as others do, but that does not mean he is not true to himself, nor that his way of being is any less worthy of respect.

We, all of us, share One world. This Earth belongs to all of us and it is, surely, time we made an effort to live together in a way that sustains us all and preserves our home for the future.

Whatever the colour of our skin, whatever our gender, education, culture or education we are (whatever Tories and Republicans may tell you) One humanity. One humanity sharing One world, brought into being by One creative process, however one may conceive it. Today let’s teach our children the value of oneness.

Happy Christmas to One and all!


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