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The Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Three is the number of manifestation, two is potential creation, but three is creation made actual. Three is a dynamic number a number of movement. The number is often symbolised as a triangle; the upwards facing triangle is taken by many to symbolise spiritual ascent, the downwards, decent into the material. Christians use the triangle to symbolise the three gods of the trinity, like most religions they believe in one God and like most religions they worship several. Very few people can grasp the enormity of One God who encompasses all, the created, the uncreated, past, present, future, eternity, manifest and unmanifest, finite and infinite, and so humans approach God in a filtered form, a few aspects at a time. I suspect three is the fewest number of manifestations most people can handle, indeed many Christians add a fourth, Mary, which nicely rounds out the trinity by introducing femininity and motherhood.

Of course Christians are not the only people who worship a trinity, Hinduism not only has a trinity of Siva, Brahma and Visnu, but is filled with symbolic threes such as pasu, pati, pasam or the devotee, the Lord and the ties that bind them. Humans love threes; past, present and future; right, left and centre; thesis, antithesis, synthesis;light and dark are separated by twilight, black and white by grey. I think instinctively, as well as practically, we understand that three is a number of stability and completion. A three legged stool is the first of the stable seats; to an engineer stability and strength are found in the triangle which is found supporting so many structures from bridges to rooves. Three is also, as I have said the completion of One and Two.

Male and female unite, biologically, for one purpose, the begetting of children. Children are in nature the completion of a couple, funnily no matter how many children, each is the number Three and each represents the fulfillment of their parents, at least in an ideal world. A child is unique of all a couple may accomplis,h because it is the only product of the genes of both parents, and the continuation into the future of those genes. Children with autism or Down’s syndrome are not genetic aberrations, they are a genetic gift given by their parents, they are, like it or not, the product of their parents genes. There are those who speculate that autism is part of an evolutionary process which is moving humanity to a new stage. There are many high functioning autistic people who perhaps represent that new humanity; perhaps after Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens comes a third human, Homo Autisticus. However we may look at autism, all children are a gift, they all bring challenges and they all have potential. Not all children will be rich or famous, not all will invent new machines, create great art, discover new medicines, or lead nations, however all have a contribution to make. Sometimes the contribution is very apparent sometimes less so, however were we to value people for who they are, rather that for the wealth or status they have, were we to realise that some jobs without status, are as important as many to which people aspire, we may better appreciate other people’s contributions. That we do not yet appreciate someone’s worth may simply mean that it has not yet been revealed; creation will be completed in its own time at its own pace, not ours, be patient everything is working out perfectly.

Today’s blog has been brought to you by the number Three and the letter R for revelation, realism and revolution.


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