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The Fifth Day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Five is the number of Mercury, the messenger of the gods it relates to communication, but also divine inspiration. It is a number for artists and communicators. Five makes me think very much of blogging, particularly writing a daily blog, which demands both inspiration and communication. In two days time, on the Seventh day of Christmas, I will complete my challenge to publish a blog post every day of this year; I do not intend to rest on the seventh day, celebrate yes, but rest, no. I shall complete the Twelve days of Christmas, after a year of discipline I am not going to miss the twelfth day’s celebration of the Lord of Misrule.

Five is the age at which children, in this country start school, which may be appropriate to the number of inspiration and communication, but how long before the education system crushes inspiration and constrains communication along carefully directed paths. Some educators recognise that children differ from each other in how they learn, and in vocation, unfortunately politicians would have all children be taught the same lessons in the same way without regard to the individuality of the child. On the contrary, to a politician education is a tool to enforce conformity and compliance on the greater part of the population for the benefit of the elite. To the elite there are two sorts of education; there is mass education designed to produce a moderately educated workforce at no cost to employers, and there is the education of the elite which enables them to establish the networks they will use to retain power for their class. For the bulk of children education is designed to channel their aspirations into a desire to be good employees; whatever their dreams, they are told to be realistic and limit their aspirations.

I find it very sad how frequently I hear people say, “I’m just working to get the money to do what I want to do” they are in a box, it may as well be a coffin. How many are waiting for retirement to finally live their dreams? How many are going to be disappointed? Disappointed because this society is not designed for their fulfillment; it is structured for one purpose, to provide for the ruling elite and for their children who will succeed them. We only have to look at the Labour Party to see what happens to workers with aspirations. At one time the Labour Party represented the working classes and even returned some working class members to parliament. Now, however, after generations of exposure to the corrupting effects of power, the party is full of professional politicians whose children either succeed them to parliament or occupy other places at the trough.

I suppose one of the blessings of autism is that we do not conform to society’s norms, we are not wired that way. Of course all of society, not merely the elite, tends to close ranks against the nonconformist. When we are young being different hurts, as long as we believe in the illusion of desirability the education system forces upon us we are condemned to the misery of isolation. However for many of us there comes a day when the reality that we are different finally occurs to us, it is a realisation that brings freedom. True, we are unlikely to thrive and prosper on society’s terms, but neither are we bound by them. It occurs to me that the term “disability” when used by society really means “does not fit in”. Disability is a mindset that cannot see possibility nor invest in it; seeing and thinking differently is not a disability, the greatest disability is being bound by an illusion of normality that deceives you into conformance and slavery. We do not fear a zombie apocalypse, we already live our lives surrounded by zombies, or at least people who have been educated to be zombies; if Michael Gove gets his way the next generation will be even more lacking in free will than the last. I live in hope that someday the British people will wake from their trance, in the meantime, at last, we can reboot Scotland with a Yes vote for independence.

Today’s blog has been brought to you by the number Five and the letter S for Siva, Success and for Scotland, free in 2014!


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