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The Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

A degree of harmony. Six is supremely the number of balance. It is often shown as a six pointed star made of two triangles. The upward pointing triangle is described as male, it is spiritual ascending to heaven; the downward pointing triangle is female, material and descends to earth. The number Three was the beginmyning of creation, Six is the completion of creation. The downward pointing triangle brought the divine into the material and the upward, lifts the material into the divine. The two interlocked triangles represent the whole process of human development from God’s creation of the material human, to the human’s realisation of their divinity. The two triangles are, like the Yin Yang or Yab Yum, the complimentary union of opposites; male and female, light and dark, positive and negative, completion requires duality to become unity. In the Judaeo Christian tradition of creation it is on the sixth day that God completes the work of creation, creation completed God rests. Saint Irenaeus of Lugdunum’s doctrine of Recapitulation is one of completion, for him Jesus represents the fulfillment of creation in that in him the divine descends into the material and, in turn, lifts the material back into the divine. Ultimately, as Saivism teaches, God takes the material back into himself completing the cycle of creation.

On a microcosmic level, balance and harmony are to be sought if life is to be enjoyed rather than endured. It has long been the goal of some individuals to accomplish harmony and balance within themselves, to which end many have withdrawn from human contact, into a solitary life. However most of us must live our lives in company and association with others; very few of us have the luxury of, nor desire for, prolonged solitude. Few people are in themselves in perfect balance, fortunately in relationship the strengths of more than one person may be combined to compliment each other’s. When this is accomplished equitably there should be balance, but should one partner feel their contribution disproportionate, discord may arise. Discord in relationship can quickly spread to those around it, this is particularly true of the children of a couple separating or separated, but also a discord between a couple of colleagues can quickly poison the atmosphere of a work place.

Just as creation is dynamic so is completion. The two triangles are dynamic the process is active not static. Completion is not a static state it is an activity requiring constant adjustment and commitment. An orchestra playing can produce harmony or discord, but an orchestra not playing has only silence.

Today’s blog has been brought to you by the number Six and the letter T for truth and transformation.


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