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The Tenth Day of Christmas

On the Tenth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

A question? Recently, as a thank you for participating in one of his poetry readings, David Betteridge gave Neelam a DVD, “The Why?s Man”. In “The Why?s Man” George Wylie,  when faced with the observation on his picture “Scul?ture”, “The question mark is usually at the end.” replies, “I think the question mark should be at the centre of everything”. In the opening titles we see that the Question mark is a hook upon which hangs inspiration. The new cycle ahead of us will be given by the power of the question. If you have read previous blogs you will know how much I love the power of the question, for which I blame Werner Erhard. You will also know that one of my favourite questions is the Access Consciousness question, “How can it get better than this?” and it’s a great question, after a good, Christmas, with which to begin a new year. Actually I’m going to ask, “How WILL it get better than this?” I expect this to be a great year.
I suppose this far into the Twelve Days of Christmas you will be expecting some numerological stuff, so here it is. Ten is a new start. One is the complete cycle just finished and the zero is an empty sheet waiting to be written. George Wylie’s film regretted the passing of shipbuilding and engineering on the Clyde, the ending of a cycle that began when wooden ships, were driven across oceans by the wind. Glasgow has not died nor, despite the best efforts of Westminster Conservatives, has Scotland become an economic wasteland. Our future is given by the question and the question that will give us our future is, “Should Scotland be independent?” and the answer that will give Scotland a future is, “YES”! Twenty Fourteen is the beginning of the new cycle, the birth of the New Scotland.

Today’s blog has been brought to you by the number Ten and the letter X for Xmas and the cross on the referendum ballot, by which you secure Scotland’s freedom.



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