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The Eleventh Day of Christmas
January 4, 2014, 22:40
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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me….


A movement forwards. If yesterday was a day for opening our future through the power of the question, today we begin to manifest the answer. The number Eleven reduces to the number two, but as the number Ten is the Zero of this higher cycle, so is Eleven its number One. The first cycle is very much a physical cycle, one of establishing oneself in the world the second is one of growth and self actualisation. There are eleven Rudras, the warrior gods of life, of wind, of breath, these are the Maruts, who ride upon the storm. The Rudras are the gods of the second stage of evolution, where life informs inanimate matter. Siva is Rudra, but the Rudras are his activity in manifest creation, through his Rudras Siva shows mankind both his benevolent and terrible, destructive natures.

The two ones of Eleven concentrate the qualities associated with One. Eleven is not only a number of individuality, but also of stubbornness. It is the number of having come through a cycle, learned lessons, but still finding the strength to continue. The most poignant Eleven I know occurs at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of every year as it has since the end of the Great War. This year we remember the start of the Great War, sadly there are too many who want some sort of triumphalist celebration, they tend to be on the upper class right. In some working class communities a whole generation was lost, sometimes in a single day. While Old Etonians drank in their London clubs, in the mill towns of the North, widows mourned while their sisters nursed their crippled husbands, and men coughed unable to breathe comfortably with gas burned lungs.

The Great War was supposed to be the war to end all wars and yet, for the last century, it seems the politicians in Westminster have never passed up an opportunity to send troops to war. Of course it’s easy to send other people’s children to die, I believe that in the event of war all adult children of politicians should be conscripted and put in the front line, perhaps then our politicians would be less gung ho. However we tend to find that while the sons of the working classes, and boys from the colonies are lying dead and wounded on the battlefield the children of politicians, with a few honourable exceptions, are in reserved occupations safe at home. If we are to truly to honour the memory of those who fought in the Great War, then we, the people, must ensure that at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the guns will fall silent for ever. And we in Scotland must never allow politicians in Westminster ever again to send Scottish children to die in their wars.

Today’s blog has been brought to you by the number Eleven and the letter W for “Why do we allow the killing to continue?” and “When will will we be free of the dead hand of Westminster?”


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