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Freedom Song. (Where’s McGonnigal when he need him?)
January 6, 2014, 04:06
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Whaur is he who would for shame
Tak tae hiself a traitors name
And bow the knee tae Tory fools
Wha fae Westminster wad rule,
Wi little or nae consideration
The folk o’ the Scottish nation?

The parcel o’ rogues are deid an gone,
Twa centuries o’ damage hae they done.
The taxes o’ Scots, sae haird earned
Micht as weel hae just been burned,
For doon south it’s a’ been sent
And maistly oan the English spent.

While Quislings hae made unseemly haste
Tae lay Scotland’s resources tae waste,
And for their southern maisters tae plunder
Oor wealth, though businesses go under,
These traitors put their selfish greed
Before their ain puir people’s need.

The end o’ a’ their power they see
Should the Scottish people be now free,
Hence the barrage o’ foul Tory lies
Fae those fearful that we will prise
Fae their grasp home rule at last,
Build a great future and undae their past.

Now we can undae the shame we’ve seen
By casting oor vote in Twenty Fourteen
For freedom fae foreign domination,
For freedom for the Scottish nation
Whaur every man, woman and wean will cry
Praise on each patriot wha voted Aye!


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