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Cuts Obscentiy

Am I the only person who find it obscene that multimillionaires feel that the only way to take the UK’s debt is to cut the benefits of the disabled and purple on low incomes. I watched disgusted as yet again George Osborne announced that, yet again, the poor and disabled are to bear the brunt of the cuts. He wants to make savings of twelve million this year from the welfare budget, when you bear in mind that last summer he committed to spending thirty million pounds to building a totally unnecessary garden in the middle of London’s commercial district, this cut is shown to be the obscenity it is. Osborne is taking food from the poor of Britain to pay to prettify the City. Everyone outside London as well as the poor of London have a right to be angry.

George Osborne says that a further twenty five billion pounds of cuts are needed, buy he shows no sign of taking it from the rich, he will still subsidise the banks and the poor will pay again. If he is serious about cutting twenty five billion pounds from the budget there is an obvious place to make the cut, unnecessary military spending. If we refuse to replace Trident we will make the required saving, we don’t need nuclear weapons and in Scotland we don’t want them. If we were to cut the other unnecessary spending on aircraft carriers and planes bought from the USA the saving would be more than double, perhaps four times what is required. Britain could have a substantial surplus. However the Conservatives in Westminster seem to be determined to continue on their current path of forcing people into poverty.

Here in Scotland we are faced with further cuts inflicted upon us by a government for which we will not have voted. It seems increasingly certain that the power of Holyrood to protect Scotland from the worst excesses of Westminster will be drastically curtailed. Now more than ever we need to be free of Westminster before they plunge us further into poverty. If I needed a reason to vote Yes, George Osborne has provided it.

Blackadder star and Gove in WW1 row http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25612369


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