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January 20, 2014, 17:43
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l spent my weekend participating in Darren Eden’s excellent course ‘ Your Call To Greatness’ and thoroughly enjoyed it again.part of the course s intuition.There is an exercise wherein people tune in to other participants, get a symbol for them and then interpret the symbol . Often the symbol seems ridiculous to the person who elicits it, but makes a lot of sense to the recipient of the reading.the symbols had something to say to me, but three in particular stood out; two of the symbols, an ‘all seeing eye’ and a trident are deeply significant and are the two components of my only tattoo (I was wearing long sleeves so it was concealed). Another symbol elicited was a toucan; in the interpretation Rob associated it with Guinness, what he did not know was that my great grandmother was a Guinness . There were others of significance, but these thee especially stood out for me.

The practice of intuition takes place in Innocence. One of the earlier exercises had been a practice to recapture a state of childlike innocence. My ‘ innocent child’ occurred as an image of myself dressed as ‘Samuel’ in my primary school Nativity play.

One of the most powerful exercises in the course has the participants, in groups of three, assist each other in indentifying their vision and the path towards it. My symbol was of Ganesha sitting on a waterlilly leaf on a lake, writing with his broken tusk. It was very much an image about writing, an obsession of mine, a daily and constant activity. The symbols of my fellow participants pointed very much towards a current project as did their interpretations of them . Perhaps I should point out that the others are given no previous indication of one’s vision so whatever they come up with comes from their imagination alone. lt became very clear that, whatever else I do, I must write.

l was amused when I remembered that at primary school, when we were asked what we wanted to do when we grew up, I replied that I wanted to be a writer. The only line I had in the primary school play had been, ” Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth” As a child one of my favourite CSSM choruses was, ” Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth, speak just now, some message to meet my heed which thou only doth know” However I have always joined this to part of another chorus, “I ‘though so unworthy, still am a child of his care, for his word teaches me that his love reaches me everywhere!” except that I always reverse the positions of the words, ‘word’ and ‘ love’, so that it reads, “for his love teaches me that his word reaches me everywhere”  As the realisation dawned on me that, not only had I been largely ignoring my vision for the last fifty years, but also that I had been singing to myself a clear instruction to listen to my intuition since childhood; l distinctly heard the Ganesha in my symbol say, ”About time!” followed by, “spud!” I can’t really argue with that.


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What wonderful revelations Rory. It was a very powerful weekend for me too – one that keeps on giving every time I go back to it

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