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Ten Simple Rules for Happy Hoarders
January 25, 2014, 15:38
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Some people have problems with hoarding, I do not dismiss their problems, so here are ten simple rules to help bring back the joy to your hoarding .

1. A shelf is a shelf.

2. A bed is a shelf except when it’s a table .

3. A table is a shelf. Eat your meals off the footstool .

4.The footstool is a shelf. Eat your meals off a lap-tray.

5. Lap-trays are shelves, balance your plate on your knees.

6. If you use your knees as a shelf, when you stand everything will fall on the floor .

7. The floor is a shelf .

8. In the garden winding paths between flower beds and shrubberies bring opportunities for surprise discoveries.The same is true inside the house; winding paths between piles of books and other stuff can bring opportunities for happy discoveries like the television or the fridge,perhaps even long forgotten children.

9. If you still cannot find the fridge, eat takeaway. Takeaway can be eaten straight from the box so when you’re finished you won’t need to try and find the dishwasher, just drop the rubbish in the pedal bin… Ah!

10. The pedal bin is NOT a shelf.The good news is that after a few weeks of warm weather, at least you should be able to find it’.

l hope these few simple pointers have helped. Have fun, and remember if there’s a gap there’s always something to fill it!


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