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A Great Week

The first week is over, so it’s time to look at a week of using my Greatness Journal, hand in hand with what I have learned from Darren Eden’s work.

One of the practises of the Greatness Journal is a daily morning meditation. In Darren’s courses we learn how to create our Circle of Greatness, our Sovereign Circle, or as I like to think of it, my Circle of Splendour. I now begin my morning meditation, and my day, by creating my circle. I come out of my meditation with a symbol to feed my intuitive understanding of my day’s focus, but I also come out into an intuitive and creative state which is a great place in which to do my morning journalling.

The journal has eight daily steps over two sessions, one in the morning the other at night. The first step is the morning meditation, after the meditation I put into my journal any insights which have presented themselves to me, however if I remember a dream on wakening, I enter that even before my meditation. After my meditation I am in the perfect state to set up my day and the journal has a space for that. The captions on each section change from day to day so that the practice does not become routine hence one day the creative section may begin, “Today I am going to…” on another, “Today is my opportunity to…” or perhaps, “Today I would love…” I find the different wording stimulating because it compels me to give each section some thought.

Every morning there is a gratitude section, and we should spend some time every day considering the many things we have to be grateful for, even when life appears not to be going well. A daily habit of gratitude has me start the day in a positive frame of mind even when I am anticipating events to which I am not looking forward. Going into those events in a positive frame of mind makes it much easier to call up my circle of sovereignty, and being in my circle tends to make any event better than anticipated, even enjoyable.

Everyday the journal asks me to write down my three “inspired actions” for the day. This is very much what Darren would call, “the obvious action” and it is similarly arrived at, largely intuitively. The key lies in the word “inspired”, these are not duties or obligations, they are not the things logic dictates, and they may be, these are the actions to which my passion calls me. In `Nicolai Tesla: Imagination and The Man Who Invented the 20th Century’ Sean Patrick says, ” as the preeminent mythologist Joseph Campbell said, deep down inside, we don’t seek the meaning of life, but the experience of being alive.” It is focusing on what we love that gives us the experience of aliveness. Inspiration comes from love and inspiration means, as I’m sure you know, to breathe in; without love there is no aliveness.

Another important section is the one in which I state my intentions for the day. In the Greatness Journal each intention begins with, “I Am” because a powerful intention is not a wish or hope, it does not occur as a thought; a powerful intention is integral to whom we are, it exists on what Robert Dilts calls the Identity Level. In the Est Training Werner Erhard taught us to begin our statements of intention with the phrase, “Iam that…” it is a powerful formula.

The journal has check boxes for having done daily meditation, exercise and having sought inspiration; these I call ‘nourishment boxes’. Exercise is important because our body is the instrument we use to experience life. The ‘Inspiration’ check box is all about nourishing our mind and imagination by actively enjoying the arts or by reading.

In the evening the journal has review questions. We look back at the accomplishments of the day and the lessons learnt. There is an opportunity to consider behaviours l want to upgrade and finally the day ends with a last look at the things I have done well so that as I go to sleep I program my dreams with positivity.

At the end of each week the Greatness Journal has a Weekly Check-in and a Planner for the succeeding week. The check-in contains check boxes to note that I have reviewed my Greatness Blueprint and Purpose Statement, for updating the 90 Day Planner and for planning the next week. In the review there is a space to note projects completed that week; sometimes we forget just how much we have done and it is good to remind ourselves, being aware of what we have done provides impetus and inspiration to propel us into the new week.

The next space looks at our continuing greatness; it asks, what is going well and why? This is an opportunity to learn, we are engaged in a continuing process and our awareness of it. No worthwhile activity comes without challenges and the next section encourages us to look at the things we have found challenging and draw from them an opportunity.The lessons we learn from overcoming difficulty are the source of our growth. We next consider a key action for the next week that will bring about the biggest results in our life.

The next four sections look at my attitude. What am I happy about? Is a question that makes me look at what is good in my life; if we look there is always something about which to be happy.The next question has me evaluate my use of time so that I can use it more productively. The journal has me assess my attitude and consider the improvements I can make. The last written section looks at the fears that hold me back; however it is obvious to me that the fears that hold me back are the same as Darren Eden’s ‘core beliefs’.

Finally on the review page is what I suspect is going to be one of my favourite sections,habit changing which substitutes an unwanted habit with a new one supported by new actions and an affirmation. The exercise ends with a weekly planner.

So what am I getting from this? l am finding it inspiringand useful to be able to observe the progress of my projects and plans. Needless to say, as a person with Asperger’s, I find structuring my days both empowering and comforting. I like the idea of structured change, in fact it’s the only change I can really handle. The greatness journal and the processes learned from Darren Eden are certainly making life more enjoyable and interesting. Darren Eden is running ‘ Your Call To Greatness’ again next month, March 15th and 16th in London http://www.academyofgreatness.co.uk/Your_Call_To_Greatness.html
l think it’s a great place from which to begin an adventure.


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