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My second week using my Daily Greatness Journal could have been blighted by a bug which slowed me down somewhat. However looking back on the journal I can see how productive even a week smitten by a virus can be. That is one of the benefits of the journal it helps keep a realistic sense of proportion.

Going into my Circle of Sovereignty every day meant I approached even my illness positively and powerfully. Rather than endure the frustration of a thwarted schedule, I allowed the illness to teach me  patience. I learned that if I have enough planned alternatives in my schedule I need not feel thwarted (I love that word, so expressive!), I merely select the best alternative. Darren Eden might describe it as the most appropriate bridge to move my focus from my beliefs and back to what I love.

One of the things I discovered this week thanks to Neelam is Lisa Nola’s “My Future Listography”. I learned a long time ago that just writing my goals gives them an energy that makes their accomplishment more likely. My Future Listography is a journal of lists of all the things I’d like to do, it is subtitled, “All I Hope To Do In Lists”; each alternate page has space for a list with headings like, “List modes of transport to take.”, List places you could see yourself living.”, or, “List things you hope to receive someday.” and each facing page a picture for inspiration. My Future Listography is not a goal planner, but a book for dreams and visions to create an unlimited space into which to live; it is, above all, fun.

One of my symbols in meditation was not an image, but a phrase, a voice told me to take, “The Sunny Side of The Street towards joy”. I only mention it because it felt so good, and to remind people that a symbol is not always an image, but may occur in any “Rep System”, in this case, auditory. I am definitely on the sunny side of the street, reviewing my gratitude daily reminds me that I have so many reasons to be joyful and so much for which to be grateful.

Reviewing my journal I realise how many lessons each day offers up. Perhaps my big lesson of this week is that,  Intuition and feeling are as important as logic when it comes to setting my goals. So every day I begin in my Greatness Circle, my Circle of Sovereignty and I end my day in my Circle suffused with a sense of well being and accomplishment; the accomplishments may not be huge, but at least I am aware of them, and upon that of which I am aware I can build.


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