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Light on Autism
April 2, 2014, 23:09
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I shall not be lighting up anything blue for Autism Awareness because I do not believe publicising the American organisation “Autism Speaks” is necessarily a good thing. In the first place Autism Speaks is a regional organisation that may speak for some parents of autistic children in the USA, but only for some, and not for autistic people themselves, many of whom vehemently oppose the organisation.

The opinions of Autism Speaks are not representative of the Autism community as a whole. Unlike Autism Speaks the majority of autistic people and their families do not believe that autism is necessarily a bad thing; we do not believe autistics are necessarily flawed; we do not agree that autism is an illness to be cured although we accept that it presents us with some challenges which need to be addressed; we do not accept that autism necessarily destroys families or tears marriages apart. Just as no two people on the Autism spectrum are the same, so the the Autism community holds many opinions and beliefs. Autism is a spectrum and to light up blue ignores all the other colours, the other opinions. The colors of the Autism spectrum are sometimes blue, but just as often red, or green and orange. We have many colours and shades of opinion; just as sunlight contains every colour of the spectrum, if we are to shed light on autism it must, like sunlight, be a full spectrum light.


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Good points, Rory.

Back in the day there used to be another American group called “Cure Autism Now!”. From reading some of their material you could deduce that they were looking for a magic pill to give the kids to make them “Normal”. Ugh.

Comment by Andrew Ginty

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