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Secure In Your 0wn Greatness

While I was writing this post illness  intervened and so I wrote about the effect of illness on greatness; however now is the time to revisit this post and see if I can recapture my thoughts. If you add a month on to any times mentioned you may get an idea of the length of this vastly extended month.


It is well over a month since I attended Darren Eden’s weekend workshop “The Power of Sovereignty”, two since “Your Call To Greatness”, I have been using the “Daily Greatness Journal” for a couple of months nearly and I am convinced that there is no such thing as “greatness”. Greatness is not a thing, it’s an attitude, a state of mind, a way of being. The truly great don’t think they are great, they don’t “know” they are great, greatness is intrinsic to who they are. People think of greatness as a definable thing, but no two definitions of greatness are the same. St Francis of Assisi is great, Muhammad Ali was “The Greatest”, we ascribe greatness to many people, but most of those people had no thought of greatness, apart from Ali of course, they were merely doing that about which they were passionate. Some desired to be the best in their field, particularly in sports, some sought only to get a job done and there are many generals, knowing the cost of completing the job, who would fell uneasy at being called great. There are, of course many, whose greatness is not realised outside certain circles, few are the mathematicians or plant breeders whose names are household words.

I discovered, doing my journal, not that I don’t have any ambitions, but that there are no ambitions upon which my Greatness is pendant. I think ambitions may be divided into three types: those you need to fulfill, which might include finding food and shelter, for some it may include earning money, but I suspect many perceived needs are no such thing; there are ambitions you are compelled to fulfill like meeting performance targets or delivering on promises; best of all are the the ambitions you want to accomplish, the things you do merely because you want to, no need, no compulsion. However I find that while there are many things I would like to do, there are very few, at the moment, that I feel driven to achieve, I am surprisingly content. There are actions I would have to take to maintain my status quo in material terms, but nothing that precludes alternative choices. I am now also unencumbered by employment which leaves me in the enviable position of being able to make it all up, to create goals and choose responsibilities.

The wonderful thing about using the Daily Greatness Journal is that it prevents me from allowing my greatness to escape my awareness unnoticed and unrecognised. The daily and weekly reviews compel me to find accomplishments upon which I can build however small, I am forced to recognise the life lessons I have learned and to constantly appreciate the gifts I receive every day. In the morning a diligent refusal to leave any section unwritten reminds me of how much i have to be grateful for and the benefits that gratitude brings to my lme e. The Daily Greatness Journal also has me set measurable goals and introduce the discipline of a schedule to my days, although that scheduling can be as flexible as I choose and the discipline as light; however it’s presence encourages a certain honesty when reviewing my day.

Greatness is not an end to be achieved, but a way of living. I think that greatness cannot be measured by results nor by fame, status, money nor even by public acclaim; greatness lies in how we live our lives, in how we respond to the challenges with which we are faced. Greatness, like love, is a choice we make, not a feeling we have, not even an inherent quality, but a committed way of being. Greatness arises when we choose not to be bound by our beliefs and the limitations they impose on us, but to live with awareness and appreciation of all the gifts we have been given. I came face to face with a few days ago. I met a friar who joined the order before I was born. He still leads a fairly active life, working, praying, saying Mass, travelling to preach, leading retreats and doing his share of the housework; he is ninety three and he uses every moment to radiate joy.

Using the Journal is transformative, because, as you use it, it becomes obvious that the point of the journaling as with Darren Eden’s work is not about having people recognise you as great, but for you to be able to live secure in your own greatness. It is no accident that Darren’s eight month programme is called “The Transformation “, at the end of the day other people’s opinions of you are only that, other people’s opinions; the opinion that matters is your own a  nd it will be given by your awareness that you are becoming the sort of person you have always admired, and understanding that you are just you, and enjoying who you are. l don’t really do affirmations, but if I did, I think my affirmation for today must be, “I am secure in my own greatness!”


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