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Intuition and Intellect


Over the last couple of months I have found that there are two ways to approach The Daily Greatness Journal in the morning, intellect and intuition. Sometimes I make the mistake of approaching my day reasonably and logically which may appear sensible, but is not the most useful approach.
I have learned that the most powerful way to start my day is from my intuition. The best days are the days that call me into being, that inspire me to greatness. If I approach my day rationally I have imposed limits on myself before I even start and my day is destined to be small and uninspiring. There is a place for sense and reason in my day, but later when I’m actually making my goals concrete, at the start my need is to be inspired. I like, as I have mentioned previously, to begin my day by creating my Circle of Sovereignty as practised in Darren Eden’s courses. In the space created by the Circle of Sovereignty my intuition is free to generate a day of infinite possibility. Logically I know I may not accomplish all the goals my intuition has given me in the day, but that doesn’t matter half as much as having a life that excites and inspires me.

In the evening when I review my day I find it useful to logically analyse my day and assess my accomplishments. However once I have done that I again enter my Sovereign Circle and reassess the whole day in the light of intuition. I find that intuition frequently causes me to discover triumphs and blessings in unexpected places. Intuition penetrates the mundane veneer of the everyday and reveals the truth of life concealed beneath. Intellect provides the methodology of accomplishment, but it is intuition that reveals the magic in every moment and lifts every day out of the ordinary. Intuition needs intellect to ground it in reality, but intellect needs intuition to free it from the fetters of realism. As I end my day, before I sleep, I create my Circle and go to sleep in my intuition. I end the day in intuition, I begin the new day with intuition, I expect my day to be magical and full of inspiration and I shall plan accordingly.


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