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Anchoring Greatness

I was tired and needed to sleep, but before I went upstairs, I returned to the sitting room to pick up a magazine. My wife had started watching a documentary about Liberace and I came in while he was playing. Rather than had straight upstairs I waited to the end of the piece and, as I expected, he smiled at the audience, into the camera and I felt happy. When I was very small Liberace had a regular television program and my regular shout went up each week, “Mummy, that man’s smiling at me!” It made me happy then, his smile makes me happy now and that is the power of anchoring, that a smile I associated with being happy over half a century ago, still releases in me, feelings of happiness. Understanding anchoring is one of the most useful things I learned in NLP, I am pleased to say I can now choose whether to be anchored, I am keeping the Liberace anchor.

As I have said elsewhere I am using my intuition on a daily basis to have my life be great. The primary tool I use is to create my Sovereign Circle as I learned in Darren Eden’s courses, but sometimes I need to be in that intuitive state instantly and then I use the anchoring techniques I learned from Terry Elston, my NLP teacher. Anchoring is a core NLP technique and it is impossible to be certified as a practitioner without learning it. However it is only in hindsight, after a few years of using it, that you really appreciate its utility and power.

My anchor for entering my Circle instantly is both kinesthetic and visual. Firstly I close my eyes and move my eyeballs in a circle, but with the sensation that they are actually moving in a circle through my head. I secondly, swiftly, visualise a circle drawing itself around my had like a golden, fiery halo. Because every time I follow Darren’s full process I include these two anchors, I can now, whenever I need to think on an intuitive level, skip the “innocent child” and “symbol elicitation” steps and go straight into state. However whenever I have time, and certainly in my morning and evening greatness sessions, I anchor the full process again. The more often you practise the anchor, the more powerful and accessible it becomes.

I think I may have mentioned that the NLP technique I find most useful is that of eliciting and creating strategies. I do not work as well as I would like if I do not have a predetermined strategy to which to work. I have now built my Sovereign Circle anchor into a strategy that kicks in when I am under pressure, particularly in circumstances where I am unsure of what is happening or how to behave such as large social gatherings or when being questioned. In effect I am using my intuition strategy to direct me to the most appropriate strategy from my library, you could call it, possibly, the “bridge” or obvious action, but it is in intuition that it becomes obvious. I think the intuition strategy somehow serves to exclude much of the jumble of extraneous information and stimuli and allows a calmer and more rational choice, of action.


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