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Embodying Greatness


(For various reasons I am not posting today’s blog. Instead, one from some time ago)

I recently described greatness as a way of being and an attitude of mind. I am very confident that greatness is predicated not on status or activity, but upon intuition; it is this ability that lifts Lao Tzu and Chuan Tzu above the ranks of those we tend to call great.

Greatness lies in learning, through intuition, the lessons which life presents to us, and in embodying those learnings in our being. This is
what I call integrity, some may also call it coherence. Anyone who has done a Darren Eden course will know how much he loves films as teaching metaphors so I’ll refer to one that, as far as I know he has not yet used, Calvary starring Brendan Gleeson. It is not an easy watch because it is about integrity and how, although the main character could escape his destiny without blame, he chose to put his whole being on the line in order to provide another with the opportunity for redemption. The film takes its name from the Passion of Christ, but is about an ordinary man facing a difficult choice and choosing absolute integrity regardless of the personal cost. We often find when challenged who we believe ourselves to be disappears in compromise, coherence is when our beliefs and actions are in complete alignment.

A lesson understood is not a lesson learned. My Daily Greatness Journal contains many lessons already, many repeated (I can be a slow learner) each presented to me by life and intuition. During my last bout of flu my journal received the lesson, “Don’t do too much too soon, Check with your body of what it is capable.” Today, I have a cold, but I have taken that lesson to heart and paced myself accordingly. Another lesson I like is, “Ultimately everything works our add it should, if not according to my schedule. Cats are wet and cold when they come out of the rain”. Intuition is very much about living in the circumstances in which I find myself rather than wasting time and energy wishing they were different. I am now far enough into my journal to enjoy reading back into past months and rediscovering little treasures.

Part of greatness is, I think, recognising how I am changing and accepting those changes. Much of it is finally taking so much that I have known for so many years and simply embodying it. I look back over my journal and realise that many of the lessons are not new, but merely old lessons long resisted and I have learned that resistance is hard work. Intuition teaches us who we truly are; greatness lies in accepting who we truly are and living accordingly.

Chuan Tzu was invited to become a government minister he rippled that there was once a great turtle who happily dragged his tail in the mud of the river. One day the priests of the court came and killed the turtle and put his shell on display where it was worshipped for hundreds of years. Chuan Tzu asked the court officials who had invited him to court, “Which do you think the turtle would have preferred, to be worshipped or drag his tail in the mud?”

They replied, “Drag his tail in the mud.”

“So”, said Chuan Tzu, ” leave me to drag my tail in the mud”.



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