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That’ll Be The Day…
May 18, 2014, 10:11
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People appear to be fond of the saying,  “Live each day add if it were your last”, The Daily Greatness Journal frequently asks questions like, “What would I do today if it were my last?” It is not a bad question, it focuses the mind. Some people mistake the point of the question and think they should be doing something spectacular, some immediately pull out their bucket list, others start thinking about how they want to be remembered, their ‘legacy’.

It occurs to me that if you need to be remembered, you had better start building your legacy sooner rather than later. Neelam likes to listen to ‘Last Words’ on BBC Radio Four. When I listen it is obvious to me that, in terms of being remembered, it is usually those who devoted years to a passion who are best remembered; when remembered for one thing or event it is usually a product of a passion long pursued.

Many people find the prospect of impending death empowering. We all know stories of AIDs and cancer patients who have found new purpose on realising how limited was their time, or who have discovered a new richness in their experiences made more precious by the knowledge of how few there will be.

Before you rush out to spend your ‘Last Day’ bringing about world peace or whatever big thing you fear you have left undone, ask yourself, who says you should have done something with your life to leave a ‘legacy’ in the memory of men? Ask yourself what, if the opinion of others were irrelevant and it is, you would really love to do? Me, I want to spend my last day with my wife, as I want to spend everyday; that is what I call a happy ending.



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I love you two. What a heart warmer.

Comment by Robert Frost

We love you too, Robert.

Comment by springingtiger

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