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BBC Bias and Bad Behaviour


Today I took a look at the demonstration at the BBC in Glasgow against their pro No, pro UKIP bias. I do believe that the BBC has a case to answer and a record of bias that extends back to the Miners Strike and beyond, but I could not join the picket. Demonstrators were singing, “If you hate the BBC clap your hands!” and clapping, but apart from its bias in news and current affairs, I like the BBC. I could watch Premier League and international football anywhere, however for coverage of club rugby, specifically Glasgow Warriors, I have to turn to BBC Alba; if I followed a lower league soccer team, like Glasgow Rangers, again I would depend on Alba. I am also a Radio 4 listener, I think I probably prefer Radio 4 to television, I think BBC is still the best and most varied broadcaster. Over the years the BBC has pioneered great comedy, particularly in Scotland,  and drama; they often allow series to be recognising to allow them a chance to build a following long after commercial stations would have cancelled them. The BBC caters for minorities in a way that other broadcasters do not.  I love the BBC and it upsets me when I hear people calling for the end of the license fee, but they have been found wanting and they must take action while they still have a future to protect.

I am voting YES and I abhor the BBC’s bias against the YES campaign, but I could not join the demonstration. Shortly after I arrived some people walked out of the BBC. They were greeted by boos and shouts of, “liar”, I was disgusted. I have no way of knowing who were these people, they may have been news editors, but far more likely they were technicians, cleaners or any of the myriad trades in the BBC. They may all be members of their respective unions, but this was not an industrial action and they were not crossing a union picket line, as far as I am concerned the response that met them was just bad mannered and inappropriate. That having been said, the conduct of the demonstration was, while I was there, orderly and generally good humored. I believe the BBC has a case to answer, I also believe it has a place in a Free Scotland. The BBC bias is only one of the problems and injustices in Scotland we need to address, I hope we will address them while continuing to refuse to stoop to the level of the opposition. I am voting YES, but I am doing so with dignity, pride and respect.



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