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Let us make no mistake the Better Together campaign is not opposed to Nationalism, it is a nationalist campaign, a British Nationalist campaign. We can see how committed to they are to British nationalism when we look at the promise that, if we vote no, we will be faced with an in/out referendum on EEC membership. Even if the majority of Scots were to vote to remain in Europe, the English could take us out against our will. The No campaign is a confederation rooted in a sentimental attachment to a lost empire that was never the force for good they claim it was. The No campaign stands on a platform of Britain First; it is unequivocally British Nationalist and is being backed by those who believe that the United Kingdom should be Independent from Europe and not have policies imposed by Brussels. However what the BritNats claim for themselves they deny to Scotland, the right to govern our own affairs and to benefit from the exploitation of our own resources. The BritNats try to claim Scotland is poor while ignoring that we have the world largest oilfield off our western coast, how the BritNat coalition that is the No campaign would love to get their hands on that!

I think it is of concern for the electorate in the rest of the UK that the BritNat coalition includes the main British political parties, it suggests the differences between them are more imagined than real. In Scotland we can be free of Westminster by voting for independence, those who live in England are faced with the reality of the saying, “Whoever you vote for, the Government gets in”. In Scotland we can at least ensure that the government that gets in is the one we choose.


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