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Acknowledging Our Thoughts And Feelings

Straws driven through potatoes on "The Transformation".

The other day someone commented that they had not been using an intuitive process because they were not in a good place, as in the right state of mind. I think we all sometimes feel like this, we all have times when we feel we should do something, but we’re “not in the mood”. That we need to be in a certain frame of mind before meditating or engaging in any form of spiritual practice is an unfortunate and disempowering belief. It occurs to me that the process Darren Eden uses, in his work, for accessing one’s intuition begins with a first step which should be the first step of any spiritual or personal development exercise.

The essential first step is to acknowledge one’s thoughts and feelings. This requires honesty; I have been involved in the field of spiritual growth for over half a century and I know how difficult some people find this. People believe “enlightenment” looks a particular way and that they should not think or feel a particular way and so they adopt  a “spiritual identity”. It is bad enough that they are lying to others, worse they are lying to themselves and, worse still, they are believing it. There is a story from the days of the est Training that when Werner Erhard went back to clear things up with his family, at one point he stepped outside for a cigarette; one of Werner’s brothers saw him and jokingly asked the question, “God smokes?” To which Werner replied, “Yes, and he also fucks.” The point is that it does not serve us, or anyone, to pretend be what we are not, or indeed, harbour illusions about others.

Honestly acknowledging our thoughts and feelings, however shitty they be, however much we dislike them, and however much they offend and embarrass us, puts us into a space of clarity. When we try to perform meditation or any spiritual practice without being honest with ourselves we are operating from a constructed identity and there is no room for intuition; any inspiration or insight that we have is merely something we have constructed to serve that identity. Intuition, as Darren Eden observes, only operates in the clearing that is left when identity gets out of the way, and the only way we can get it out of the way is to recognize it and that requires us to be honest with ourselves. As long as we are aware of our identity, we can operate freely, and still be aware of it running somewhere in our thinking minds.

Human beings are programmed to have feelings, feelings are valuable they provide us with insight into how are thinking and being. It is inevitable that sometimes we will be hiding behind a constructed identity, we use our identities as instruments through which we interact with others, there are times when the use of an identity is entirely appropriate. However we should use our identities, they should not use us, and as long as we are aware of them they will not, but that awareness only comes through honestly acknowledging our thoughts and feelings.

I personally find that it makes it easier if, every morning as I wake, and every evening before I sleep, and at quiet moments between I follow the steps to create my Circle of Sovereignty to step into innocence. It has largely replaced my other daily practices. The more I do it the easier it becomes, and so too does acknowledging my thoughts and feelings because intuition tells me we all have times when we don’t like what think and feel and that’s ok, we don’t need to like them, just be aware of them, then get with what we love.


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