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New Beginnings

This is an updated post from earlier in the year, showing the power released by “Your  Call To Greatness” and the “Power of Sovereignty” in practice.


It is a few years since I first encountered Darren Eden, probably around 2010 when Neelam and I went on what I think was called, “Call to Adventure”, with some changes it has now become, “Your Call to Greatness“. In January we did Your Call to Greatness and found it so powerful we wanted to do Darren’s eight weekend course, “”The Transformation“. Unfortunately, because of family commitments, this year we could not sign up for the whole course, but it is set up in such a way we could, and did, sign up for the first weekend.

In Your Call To Greatness I learned how people are either driven by results or by love and I realised how much I allow my beliefs to run my life. Darren’s course teaches experientially so by the end you don’t just know your beliefs intellectually, but have experienced their impact on your identity. In the personal development field we are often told to follow our heart; Your Call To Greatness uses intuitive exercises to identify what you truly love. Darren’s course, uses the Hero’s Journey, identified by Joseph Campbell, to explain the path to accomplishing what you really love. It is a hero’s journey because it occurs as dangerous, the safe path is to follow your received beliefs, it may bring what the world considers success, but if it is not what you really love, it won’t bring you joy! When faced by obstacles you can always turn back to the safe way. However, having once set foot on the Hero’s Journey, any turning back, no matter how sensible the decision may seem, or what apparent success it may bring, will always leave the erstwhile hero with a feeling of defeat.

Were that all I got from that first weekend it would have been enough, but there was so much more. I came away with an understanding of how my focus creates my reality. I learned a lot about the nature of my beliefs, but most importantly Darren taught us a powerful process for accessing the reality of who we are without the construction of beliefs. During the second day I learned an amazing amount about love as a creative force, I shall never look at goal setting in the same way again.

I learned a lot on the weekend, or perhaps learned in an even more useful way much I already knew, but the the most important and powerful thing was that I experienced it. In experiencing it I made connections to other people travelling on their own journey and, for a while, we supported each other along the way. I came away knowing I had a network of people upon whom I could depend in the years ahead. Having learned so much and built those friendships, having learned to focus on what I love, I was determined to walk this path further.

As a gift to all those who signed up for the first weekend of The Transformation, Darren offered his new weekend course, “The Power of Sovereignty” for free. When I say, “for free” for every participant there is a personal cost in terms of the comfortable presuppositions they give up, but in cash terms the course was free. Neelam and I spent the day before the course wandering about London which, as it so often does, meant a visit to Watkins Books in Cecil Court. As I browsed without any particular purchase in mind, my gaze fell on a book, “Daily Greatness Journal” subtitled, “A Practical Guide For Consciously Creating Your Days” which, at the least, was a curious synchronicity. On looking at the book, I fell in love with it immediately. Lyndelle Palmer – Clarke has created a beautiful tool for introducing a measured mindfulness into everyday living. I decided that, as Darren’s course finished on Sunday, on Monday I would start to use the Daily Greatness Journal’s eight daily steps to order my day. Before I could do that there were a number of parts of the book to complete, self analysis and goals to set. I decided to do it over the weekend, what an amazing weekend to commence a daily practice of greatness!

Darren Eden’s “Power of Sovereignty” is a weekend learning about Leadership, Relationships, Communicating and Negotiating. Darren showed that as we all interact with others we are always leading, although we may not always recognise our leadership. A central tenet of the course is that we are leading either with our beliefs or with love. Building upon the lessons of Your Call To Greatness we identified how our beliefs usually run our relationships and how we oscillate between different beliefs to manipulate others. Once again we used experiential exercises to identify different types of relationship and the beliefs that underpin them. Happily we also learned how the techniques we had learned in Call To Greatness could give us a powerful, non-manipulative way to relate with others that respected and acknowledged their greatness regardless of how much their beliefs might be running them at that moment.

I learned how to negotiate as a trade union official, I realise that what I learned were simply techniques and strategies to manipulate others. What the Power of Sovereignty does is to throw out everything we ever learned about communication and negotiation and replace it with a new way of communicating based on love in its purest form. In Darren’s first course we had learned that “tension seeks resolution”, rather than move past the tension we seek a quick fix, in negotiation perhaps we change an offer, throw in a threat like, “if you don’t buy before midnight the material will revert to full price”. However we learned how, by resting in our sovereignty, we could not only be with the tension, but let it guide us, whereas resolution robbed us of all the tension could teach us.

Again there were so many connections to be made, but also the joy of reuniting with the friends already made and the deepening of those connections. We had together passed a little further on our journeys and together, while separate, we journey on, sharing our triumphs, challenges and lessons. I was in a powerful place as I completed my journal preparation and settled down to sleep in the train home.

The next morning, today, I began my first day using the eight steps of the journal. I began with meditation, into which I introduced, as an integral element,  creating my circle of Sovereignty, as practiced over the weekend. It is a great place in which to look at the day to come; the second step asked “Today I would love….” It was just such an appropriate step in the light of the course on which I’d just been. Sovereignty is also a powerful place from which to consider those things in life for which I’m grateful; it illuminated my intentions for the day and the actions I would take. Above all sovereignty is a powerful place from which to encounter all the people of my day,  travelling home through Glasgow, and my family, people are so much nicer when you see them in their greatness. So today I began my journal and the road goes ever on.

I think it is time to update this post. I knew I really wanted to do The Transformation, but as I said at the start of the piece, I would have had to miss the second weekend. I spoke to Darren negotiating from my sovereignty, but he could not change his days and so it appeared that I would have to content myself with just the first weekend. However when you negotiate in sovereignty magic happens and, shortly after we had used the money I had earmarked for the course, Darren emailed because he had worked out how it would be possible for me to do the course. We worked out the logistics and now I’m on the course. When you are in your greatness magic happens!


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