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Love is Peace, Peace is Love

SSF friary garden, Alnmouth

This morning, as part of the homework of Darren Eden’s “Transformation”, I tuned into one of my choices, “I love filling myself with peace — I choose to be peaceful”. Just a couple of days ago I had been discussing Peace with my friends Cerys and Alan and while we were clear that peace is not merely an absence of violence, nor even an absence of fear, I don’t think we reached a  conclusion.

Peace does not come naturally to me, I have had for most of my life a default setting of angry. When you are a Scots Irish, republican socialist, in a semi colonial society rife with inequalities and injustice, anger comes very easily. Using the Three Principles I tend to realise when my anger is using me instead of me using my anger, and I have my friend Don to point out when I am misusing anger. I have much in my past that people may consider justifiable causes for anger, however while anger has frequently provided an impetus to action it has never brought any lasting benefit.

Today as I tuned in to my creative choice to be peaceful, rather than seeing a symbol, I heard a voice saying, “Peace is love, love is peace!” I think it was telling me that there is nothing passive about peace, Peace is always a dynamic choice. It reminded me of the Nazarene’s, “Love thine enemy and do good to those who spitefully use you” as he says it’s easy to love those love you, the real test is to love those who don’t. The love that is Peace positively embraces others and their differences and affirms their right to differ. It does not mean that we have to accommodate injustice or that we should not prevent them from actions we consider wrong, but that while doing so we should never cease to honour their humanity nor, more importantly lose sight of our own. As Jesus says it’s not those who keep their heads down and avoid conflict who are blessed, but those who actively cause peace. Ultimately to know peace you first have to love, however difficult and incomprehensible that may be. The peace which follows from love is a peace that transcends logic, and we can only appreciate it when we cease to define peace and live it without judgement.



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