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Keep The Songs Alive
November 30, 2014, 20:04
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James Connolly told his daughter to keep the songs alive and for good reason. Every movement has its fallow years when it progresses little, when hope seems sterile, but it is in its songs and stories that it lives. Dogmas do not inspire as the great religions know, people forget dogma, but they remember story; Islam may be founded on the Koran, but it is the Hadith that provides the inspiration. Socialism does not live on the teachings of Marx and Engels, Mao or Keir Hardy, but on the stories of its heroes and upon its songs. I did not live through the Spanish Civil war, but my generation inherited songs like Jarama and tales of Dolores Ibarruri ‘La Passionara’, whose statue stands beside the Clyde to remind us that, “It is better to die on our feet than live on our knees!”

James Connolly was before else a socialist and a Trades Unionist, but he is remembered today as much for being a leader of the Irish Rebellion in 1916. Connolly is remembered because his memory is kept alive by the songs and stories, no only of the Labour Movement, but also by he movement to free Ireland from Westminster’s dominion. Today I was at a CND event in the early afternoon and was impressed by how many of us older attendees remembered the CND Buskers and the real desire to promote the movement through song.

We are in the aftermath of the Indyref and although the Yes Campaign did not win, it remains vibrant and full of optimism whereas the Unionist campaign and its promoters are largely despised by the people of Scotland, even by those who voted No. Sadly the Unionists have presented Scotland with no post referendum vision except for very limited tax raising powers, but no increased control over the things that really matter like Employment Law. Further the Yes Campaign, now the 45 has a vision of an empowered democratic Scotland, our campaign had the songs and the strories. Our campaign still has the songs and the stories and so our movement continues because we are in the heart and soul of Scotland unlike the unionists who only have their hands in her purse.


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Songwriters – take the hint and write new bold vivid songs of our fight for freedom!

Comment by Robert Frost

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