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My Cat (02/04/2015)
April 2, 2015, 18:28
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The second day of NaPoWriMo, another poem, another video on You Tube. I hope my speech problems irritate you less than they do me.

My Cat (02/04/2015): http://youtu.be/1ztnpZnkz5Q

My Cat (02/04/2015)
My cat speaks English very well,
But he understands much more.
Every morning in the kitchen,
He stands and says, “Out?” by the door.
Some people say I imagine things,
But I know that it is true.
I know it in that special way
That only cat owners do.
It’s not in his posture or his look,
Or that I can read him like a book;
I know you’ll say I’m being absurd,
But he really does say the word.
He says, “Out!” very clearly and plain,
And whenever he says, “Out!”
I let him out again;
And again and again and again!
I don’t want to be unkind,
But sometimes I really do wish
That he would make up his mind.
Another word he uses,
He must have learnt it somehow,
Is to reply to a question,
Like, “When do you want it?”
With a very clear, “Now!”
My cat has a little English,
I think he’s read a psychology book;
He can wrap me round his finger,
He has got me firmly on his hook.


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