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A Winter’s Tale (NaPoWriMo Day 5)
April 6, 2015, 00:02
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Perhaps it is a British thing that although this Easter Sunday is beautifully sunny, the weather still preys upon my psyche. Today’s poem is about one of those commonplace tragedies that occur in any winter.

A Winter’s Tale on YouTube

A Winter’s Tale
The rain that reigned supreme over the winter
Won from us no thanks, nor the snow that fell
Upon the fell and brought the frost that killed
The young shoots and the, tree bound, owl’s hoots chilled.
Occasional blue skies could not disguise
That down in the dell all was not well.
We could not tell for whom the church bell tolled
Some poor soul taken by the damp and the cold.
We were later told that the man was old
And unwell after he fell upon the ice.
Before it began to rain again, for fuel
Forth he fared, but winter can be cruel.
He had a slip, slid and smashed his hip.
Unable to rise, he lay beneath the skies,
His wails drowned by rain and hail as well.
As far as they could tell, where he did slip
He lay for days, cold as the ground into
Which they laid him neath the roots that winter.


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