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On Cutting Benefits and Inheritance Tax (NaPoWriMo Day 11)

I was angry to see the front pages of the Tory press trumpeting a promised cut to Inheritance Tax while billions of pounds are going to be cut from the benefits of the poor and disabled. On top of this the sustained attack on Scottish voters and the people they may sent to Westminster has continued with little regard for truth, but with a large dash of racism.

On Cutting Benefits and Inheritance Tax (NaPoWriMo Day 11) on YouTube

On Cutting Benefits and Inheritance Tax
“I had a disabled son,” David Cameron said,
“And it engendered such hatred within me
And loathing for the poor and defenceless,
I wish they all were dead.”

“I’d like to take benefits and cut them by half
While cutting inheritance tax for the rich,
And boosting the bonuses of bankers,
Let the bloody poor starve!”

“We’ll spend billions to put subs in the sea.
Let the lefties and Nationalists moan,
Trades Unionists and libertarians too,
They’ll never vote for me!”

“This time there may be an unfortunate hitch.
The Scots found us out and may vote SNP
Unless Jim Murphy can con them again,
That would be a right bitch!”

“Ed Milliband supports my attacks on the poor
Which leaves Nicola Sturgeon out on her own
Fighting for fairness and the rights of the folk
While we cut even more.”

“The joy of this thing we call democracy
Is that it is under Westminster’s control.
We control the money and we own the press,
Scots can never be free!”

Someday Scotland may call a halt to their fun;
And if Westminster blocks Scots’ call for freedom,
By twisting the constitution to their ends,
They’ll seize it with the gun.

It’s not the first time such malice has been seen,
Or contempt for the rights of a subject land,
A land can only be oppressed for so long,
Remember Nineteen Sixteen!


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