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Words Remain (NaPoWriMo Day 18)

The refrain of this poem was stuck in my head for a while, the rest of the words came later. From life they came and writ on the page the words remain.

Words Remain (NaPoWriMo Day 18) on YouTube

Words Remain
They told me tales of the Promised Land
And the wonders wrought by God’s own hand.
I grew up and found I prayed in vain,
But the words remain.

In books I read of heroes’ stories
And thrilled to tales of past glories.
I know now those days won’t come again,
But the words remain.

They promised me a bright tomorrow,
Believing only led to sorrow.
I shall, I hope, not be fooled again,
But the words remain.

Connolly and Plunkett fired my blood
Lenin, Stalin and Marx were my food.
Passed are men like Maxton and Maclean,
But their words remain.

A new fire burns in this dear green place,
Once again we follow Bruce and Wallace,
We shall take this land back again,
And their words remain.

And our words too ring with fresh promise,
We will not falter nor compromise.
Freedom, we make our intention plain,
Let our words remain.


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